Lawtech Unlimited Police Model Robohound


3625eb Tri-plastic frame; Great Dane
Body: 10
MA: 20
Armor 20 sp
Programs: Dog Behaviour, Kill System (Threaten, Attack, Patrol), Track: Specific, Target Restrain: Sharpwire System, Suppressive Fire: Mini-Rockets

Stealth Pad Feet, Chemical Bio Sensors and sniffers, Infared Vision, Increased Strength: +2d6 bite damage

Carboglass Teeth: 2d6 bite (for total damage= 4d6 AP), MicroRocket Launcher (ROF=5, 20 rounds, 300m range) w/nausea gas (2m Radius) or Hi-Explosive Rounds (4d6 dam. 2m Radius) Sharpwire Net Launcher (2 Acc. 10m range; target must make dodge roll to avoid entanglement; if target struggles, apply BOD/3 dice AP damage; must use knife or other tool to escape 12-REF combat turns.


Lawtech Unlimited Police Model Robohound

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