Araceli Martez, 11 year old tinkertot alchemist


Yogang Type: Tinkertot
Sex: Female
Age: 11
Height: 1.40 metres
Weight: 33 kilograms

Description: Hispanic, mirrored goggles, tinted hair, overalls.

Int 8
Tech 8
Body 5
Ref 6
Mov 5
Emp 4
Cool 3
Luck 6
Att 5

Streetfighting 2
JockStuff 3
Blend 4
Streetsmarts 3
Schoolin’ 5
LittleAngel 5
ThiefStuff 4
GetAClue 3
GenSpeak 2
FearlessLeader 2
Yogang Skill: Kitbash 8

Cybergen Type: Alchemist (1)

*Yogang Stuff


Mall Stuff
(to be added)

10 kit bash
10 school in
5 Get a clue
5 little angel
5 blend


The daughter of a ‘former’ Edgerunner mother and a tech-savvy father, Archie is most at home with technology, which she upgrades, repurposes and/or inadvertently explodes to great effect. She is often seen exploring the slums of Night City in a repurposed trolley steered by a tracer on the end of a fishing line.

Archie has recently been exposed to the Carbon Plague, since which she has had the ability to manipulate matter on a molecular level.

Dislikes: Corpsec; Clowns.


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